The “Ratty” Patty Files

George Senda, Anthony Senda, Patty, "Ratty" Patty, "falkie", The Guy From PittsburghPatty, a life long friend of George Senda and his girlfriend Kathy, has been the subject of an ongoing character assassination campaign aimed at destroying her. The duo have even gone so far as to publish videos to YouTube detailing very embarrassing details about Patty’s private personal life.  George and Kathy have even gone so far as to accuse her of rape and sexual assault.

George has also been circulating a picture of Patty (see above) online in an attempt to humiliate her and expose her publicly. I have blurred out Patty’s face to protect her identity.

At this point, Patty does not know that George and Kathy have been involved in an ongoing campaign to destroy her good name.  Thus the goal of the “Ratty” Patty files is to expose George Senda and Kathy for their libel and slander.

The videos below have been published online by George and Kathy . I have compiled them here as an easy reference for all to see just how vindictive and mean George and Kathy are. But most importantly, I have put these videos together in one place so that Patty can be made aware of what these two are saying about her publicly and as a referrence for her attorneys, in the event Patty decides to pursue legal action against them.

My hope is that Patty sees this page and takes appropriate action against the two. Patty, if you are reading this, please contact me at and I will be more than happy to help you resolve this issue and assist you wtih legal counsel if you decide to go that route.

For anyone reading this, George and Kathy have published many other videos to YouTube bashing Patty. If anyone has access to these videos, please contact me at the email above.

Thank You



Update 12/18/2016: the following three videos – “RATTY PATTY  WANNA TAKE A RIDE- EP   931,’   “ratty-patty-12-18-2016” and “THE LATEST RATTY PATTY OUTRAGE” have been added to the video collection. Enjoy.