The following audio clips are of candid conversations between George Senda and his numerous fans. Anonymous poster “Weareharbinger” of bellgab brings us these behind the scenes audio clips of what George is really like in private.

Source: Bellgab.com/The General Musings of Falkie2013 discussion thread.

Teenage Girls

“I saw some,and this is not to get me in trouble, (I’m)sitting in starbucks
and these little uh, teenage girls come in one day
and one of them was really cute my dick started twitching but thats about as high as it gets, what are you doing whats with the twitching? You got like an electric shock down there ya know, whats going on? Little cute, busty little blonde and its like er er er, what is it a short circuit? Why arent you going all the way here like you did five or ten years ago you know?”

-Anthony George “Falkie” Senda


El Museo Mexicano

“Oh I couldn’t believe it, they’ve got a Mexican museum coming in in downtown San Francisco. Hell no! Send that stuff back to Mexico. What do we need a Mexican museum for? Yeah uh, build a wall around it. Get Trump to build a wall around the Mexican museum. No Mexicans allowed, just white people. ”

– Anthony George “Falkie” Senda


Root Beer

“My favorite of all time is twofold. This woman had a fucking glass bottle of Coca-Cola sticking out of her ass and then she had in another picture, she had a full fucken Magnum champagne. She had it with the neck sticking out. The bottom was up her ass!”
-Anthony George “Falkie” Senda



“Yeah I would’ve gone over there if I wasn’t with Kathy and sucked the hell out of those tits and the milk and fuck the shit out of ’em….When my Lori died of cervical cancer I used to nurse on her boobs, and she had milk in them. She (had) just had a god damn baby.”
-Anthony George “Falkie” Senda


PussyCat Theater

“I couldn’t get a woman if I’d thrown out a fucking net, I couldn’t get a woman to fuck me!”

-Anthony George “Falkie” Senda


Louis Maximilian Something Something III

“I had a doberman…I had a neighborhood bully who used to beat me up….I’m walking down the street one day and I go to this, by this kid’s house. He throws a brick at me, hits me with a brick. I go down….the dog jumped the gate and tore the kid’s arm off….tore his arm clean off. They could not re-attach it… you deserved it. You did something terrible. (The) dog protected me.”

-Anthony George “Falkie” Senda



“All of a sudden..”ZAP”!! This lightning bolt comes out, hits him right in the belt buckle, and it melted the buckle, there was nothing left. The belt was destroyed and there was a giant hole in his stomach that’s smoking.”

-Anthony George “Falkie” Senda


Falkie Gump

“I worked for Joe Alioto..I worked for Hubert Humphrey, I worked for Eugene McCarthy I’ve met Nelson Rockefeller. I’ve stood in the Oval office with John F. Kennedy. I Met Richard Nixon..sat and had lunch with Frank Sinatra several times.”

-Anthony George “Falkie” Senda


Decadent Dianne

“I couldn’t pay my PG&E bill, so she mailed me $100. Then she showed up here one day, that may have been who I got mad at. She showed up here with a bag of groceries and I said “I can’t pay my bills, I have food, I need money.!” And I don’t think I was being unreasonable when I said that. ”

– Anthony George “Falkie” Senda


Dental Plan

“I’ll give you a blow job or/and sex…you can fuck me in the butt, I don’t care!”

– Anthony George “Falkie” Senda


Fleshy Mutant Love Doll

“But even Kathy said “Who the fuck is gonna buy a doll with me on it, with my face on it?””

– Anthony George “Falkie” Senda



“I offered her $200 for sex. I wanted to fuck the hell out of her. Yet she couldn’t pay her rent. She was stupid. She was negative $200. I would have been happy with a tit fuck.”

-Anthony George “Falkie” Senda