Name: Anthony Senda

AKA: George Senda, Dmitri Senda, “Falkie”, “The Guy From Pittsburg”

Birthdate: April 28, 1952

Birthplace: Pittsburg, California

Occupation: Radio/Youtube personality


Father: Anton Senda (1909-1972)

Mother: Cristal Gertrude Hamesfahr Senda (Oct 16, 1919 – Apr 9, 2014)

Children: None (Thank GOD)


George Senda  hosts a show on YouTube called “The Guy From Pittsburgh”, which boasts over 900 episodes as of January 2016. He is an “expert” in Apple Macintosh, going back into the ancient days of personal computing. At one point in his early career in programming, he claims to have been offered a job by Bill Gates and had many run ins with Apple founder Steve Jobs,Steve Wozniack and the infamous “Captain Crunch” John Draper.

George Senda loves cats and regularly feeds the local felines who visit his Section 8 apartment, which doubles as his home studio. He is known for his antique box fan collection and his unique T-Shirts, which he changes up on a regular basis and occasionally gives away as prizes to fans of the show.

==Early Life==

George was born April 23 1952 in Pittsburg, California to Cristal, a nurse, and Anton, a mule skinner Master Sergeant in the Army. George was one of thirteen children, being only one of two surviving children when the others were lost due to unfortunate circumstances. George was an unusually bright child. He learned to read at the age of three by reading the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. He skipped his first two school grades.

==Paranormal Interest==

At the age of five, George developed pneumonia and was pronounced dead. According to George Senda, his dead body was left in a ice bath for 3 days . On the third day, he miraculously “rose from the dead”.His interest in the paranormal came from this incident, where he left his body and floated above his hospital bed. He recalls witnessing everyone in the room and moving toward a tunnel with a bright light at the end. Something said to him “It’s not your time to go through the light, go back to your body,” which he did. At 12, he died once again. He was beaten by his alcoholic father, lost 80% of the blood in his body and once again had a near death experience.

In 1970, George had three time shift experiences on the streets of San Francisco and the Presidio. In his first experience, he was standing at First & Mission at a news vendor when the air shimmered, like heat coming off asphalt. Everything changed in front of him – clothes, cars, people, including his own clothes. The news vendor had changed and around the kiosk were 13 different San Francisco papers. He looked at one of the papers and the date was Sept 6, 1941 with the headline “Japanese War Fears” or something to that effect. After two minutes, the air shimmered again, and he was back. During his Presidio experience, he once again saw the air shimmer and witnessed gunnery practice.

In addition to these experiences, George has also seen the ghosts of his father, mother and his cats. His mother was a psychic and George also has a six sense of knowing when things are wrong.

As a young cadet at the age of 14 in the Civil Air Patrol, during a Search and Rescue mission he witnessed a silver almond shaped UFO overhead. He has described this UFO as three football fields long.

==Broadcasting Career==

In 2011, George embarked on a career path of creating his own podcasts to talk about life and the paranormal. He discusses all topics, gives weekly NFL picks and also discusses his time spent online in various forum boards such as BellGab, where he has a thread dedicated to his show with over 30,000 views as of December 4, 2014. He has done critical videos of George Noory and Art Bell, even though he regularly corresponds with Noory, Bell, Richard C. Hoagland and others in the paranormal broadcast industry.

Soon George will be involved in broadcasting on The GabCast, a weekly radio program hosted on UFOShip.com. There are also rumors circulating that George will be a regular guest on Art Bell’s new show when he returns from his Sirius Dark Matter contract non-compete on the Dark Matter Radio Network.


*In June of 2016, George Senda published a Youtube video explaining how his girlfriend Kathy had just been robbed by a black man at a Walmart in Pittsburg California. George  claims that Kathy was inline waiting to get a money order for her monthly rent, when a black man ran up to her and “grabbed the money from her hands”. George went on to say that Kathy was in hysterics and that a police report was filed. George then started a Go Fund Me fundraiser campaign in an effort to raise $600 so Kathy could pay her rent that was stolen from her by a black man. When George’s fans heard about this they were rightly concerned about Kathy and wanted to help. Some of his fans even called the Pittsburg police departmenrt and did online searches to see the police report that was filed. Many of his fans even called the Pittsburg Walmart in an effort to get more information. Both the Pittsburg police department and Walmart said that no such incident had ever taken place. Kathy was never robbed and there was no black man. It was all a BIG SCAM!! Once Falkie realized he was caught in a lie, he quickly deleted the Youtube video. Well, he thought he deleted the video. The original video can be seen here.

*George was known as “Falkenberg2001” on the website www.myredbook.com.  It’s a site dedicated to trading information about prostitutes in the greater SF Bay Area.  If you go to that site, you will notice that the F.B.I. has since shut it down due to all the illegal activity that was taking place on the web site.

* George Senda once tried to pimp out a pregnant woman to guys who wanted to suckle breast milk.

* George Senda has a reputation for sponging money off of hookers, particularly the older ones, with his sob stories.  One hooker told a story wherein he said that he was broke and didn’t have money for food.  She said she would help him and he got excited.  She went to the store and bought several bags of groceries and delivered them to his house.  He got upset with her because he wanted money, not food.

* George Senda stalked a hooker (physically) to the point where she contacted one of the site owners and asked to have him banned, and she called the police.

*George Senda’s  harrassment and stalking of prostitutes led to him being classified as a dangerous person by the S.F.P.D.

* George Senda  has met every single celebrity and politician of note who were popular from the 1950’s through the 1980’s.  When one of them dies, he’s right on the spot with some anecdote about him and that person.  He was nicknamed “Baron von Munchhausen” by a poster on myredbook.com.

* George Senda once walked the entire path of the BART line on the tracks themselves, a journey of some 40 miles, including under the Bay.

* In the early 2000’s George Senda was twice fired from his minimum wage jobs for stealing money and goods from the owner.  He reported all of this on the myredbook.com website, hoping to get sympathy (and handouts).

* George Senda got a job in 2005 working at a movie theatre.  He was REALLY excited about it, not because he had a job, but because he thought he could watch movies for free.  He got fired not long after that.  No one knows if it’s because he was watching movies on the job, or pinching food from the snack bar.

* George Senda never held a job that paid more than minimum wage.  About eight years ago, after he lost his job at the theatre, and couldn’t find another one.  About six months later, he found a doctor to certify him as “permanently disabled.”  He’s been living off of disability since then.

*On myredbook.com there were 2 political forums, one leaned left and one leaned right. It was on the very right leaning forum, a forum obsessed with birth certificates and other anti Obama things that George “Falkie” Senda decided it was a good Idea to call Obama “That chimp in the Black House.”

You could hear screeching tires and even a few somewhat racist posters told him that he was out of line but Falkie stood his ground and said “Bush was called chimp and I mean black as evil so there is no racism!”It did not sit well with anyone and he was deleted, shut down and reprimanded by people with his own general political views.

* George Senda has killed at least two of his pet cats.  He sat on one and stepped on the other.  The second one lived for a time, and while it did he solicited donations from other posters to pay for vet bills, which he claimed would cost in excess of $5000.  Some openly wondered if the cat ever existed in the first place.

* George Senda’s hygiene is not good, including his oral health.  He let a tooth rot until it became abscessed and caused a severe sinus infection.  He claimed to have almost died, and asked for financial help.  All of the difficulty was due to the incompetence of others, though, not him.

* George Senda is famous for his ability to exaggerate.  Like the time that he claimed that he spent 200 hours on the phone with a Dell customer service rep to fix a problem (due to Dell’s incompetence and the rep’s incompetence).  That’s 200 hours, as in five full-time weeks.




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