Who Owns George?

Anthony George Senda trademark issue. Copyright. Legal claims to The Guy From Pittsburgh

I sure as hell know that it’s not George Senda who owns the trademark to the name “The Guy From Pittsburgh.”  Popular radio show host Chef Chemist announced early this week on bellgab.com that he has hired a law firm to acquire trademark ownership of the name “The Guy From Pittsburgh” from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Anthony George Senda trademark issue. Copyright. Legal claims to The Guy From Pittsburgh

Chef Chemist even provided the serial number/case number of the trademark application filing for those who doubt him: 87639295. On the advice of his lawyers, Chef Chemist also acquired legal ownership of the following domains:



Even the proprietor of bellgab.com, Michael Vandeven, brought attention to this breaking news by awarding Chefist “upper right” quote status:


Vandeven also praised Chef Chemist’s hijacking of George’s brand:


You know, this really is no surprise because myself and others have been telling George for years  to trademark his name but he would never take any of our advices.

Apparently now he is blaming his fans for not having purchased the tradename or the above domain names for him, stating:

Of course if my suscribers and fans had helped me out to register it a long time ago none of this would be happening now.*”

In addition to acquiring legal ownership of the “brand,” Chefist is also working on quite  a few other things with his lawyers in regards to Senda.

From what I am hearing behind the scenes, by the time Chefist’s lawyers are done, it will be nearly impossible to find anything or anybody with the name “The Guy From Pittsburgh”, “George Senda” “Falkie” “Anthony Senda” “Dmitri Senda”  or any derivative of the above, anywhere on the internet.

Chef Chemist and his team of lawyers are essentially purging the existence of  George Senda’s brand from the internet.   Slowly chipping away at the brand and essentially destroying it and making it go away.

My advice to George (if he does decide to stick around once Chefist’s lawyers are done with him) is to pick a completely new name, and do not tell anyone about it until you have the new name trademarked.

Good Luck George


Updated 6:22 PM PT, Sun October 15, 2017

Chef Chemist just emailed me saying that his attorneys were not made aware of “The Guy From Pittsburgh” verbiage located at the Coast to Coast AM website https://www.coasttocoastam.com/videos#!/19798/72099/The-Guy-From-Pittsburgh-Recent-Craziness.

Apparently Premiere Networks, the owner of Coast to Coast AM, will be served with cease and desist papers to eliminate all references to “The Guy From Pittsburgh” from their website.

Anthony George Senda trademark issue. Copyright. Legal claims to The Guy From Pittsburgh

So basically all of Senda’s content on the Coast site will be erased and any evidence that Senda was at one time part of the Coast family will be completely gone. This is a career killer for George because he will no longer be able to claim affiliation with Coast as a paranormal correspondent.  Wow!



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