You Lying FUCK!!

anthony george falkie senda criminal liar robbery

Once again, Anthony George “Falkie” Senda is making up more lies about me. This time he is accusing me of a serious felony that could potentially send me away to prison for 20 years! I just found out recently that George published a video on YouTube accusing me of breaking into his house and robbing him:

George Senda claims that I broke into his house in the middle of the night while he was sleeping and stole one of his Ipads and $4 in cash. George then called the cops and a detective went to his house and wrote up a police report. George Senda told the police officer that I was the one who robbed him. Once again George is LYING and making false police reports. Here in California, home invasion carries a 20 year sentence.

Home invasion is not a legal term in California Law. However, a home invasion is a combination of several California Penal Code Sections. Depending on the facts of the case, a home invasion will include burglary, robbery, kidnapping, an enhancement for using a gun, and an enhancement for being a member of a gang. Burglary California Penal Code Section 459. Every person who enters any house, room, apartment, tenement, with intent to commit grand or petit larceny or any felony is guilty of burglary. California Penal Code Section 460. (a) Every burglary of an inhabited dwelling house, is burglary of the first degree. California Penal Code Section 461. Burglary is punishable as follows: (a) Burglary in the first degree: by imprisonment in the state prison for two, four, or six years. California Penal Code Section 211. Robbery is the felonious taking of personal property in the possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear. California Penal Code Section 212. The fear mentioned in Section 211 may be either: 1. The fear of an unlawful injury to the person or property of the person robbed, or of any relative of his or member of his family; or, 2. The fear of an immediate and unlawful injury to the person or property of anyone in the company of the person robbed at the time of the robbery.

I have no idea why George felt the need to make the detectives name and contact information public in one of his YouTube videos:

corporal craig schnabel martinez police department 925-372-3440

Let it be known that ANYONE could have robbed George at his house, being that he’s made his home address public on the internet. One of his many scams, called “Burgh Unboxing” on YouTube, involves him constantly begging for cash and packages in the mail so that he can open them on video (why this would be of entertainment value to anyone is beyond me).

He constantly shows his home address and P.O.Box address so that people can send him cash and gifts.

“Burgh Unboxing” c/o George Senda 1111 Ferry Street #958, Martinez, Ca 94553 (Home Address)
George Senda 815 Court Street, Unit 786, Martinez, Ca 94553 (P.O. Box)

He also makes sure to show his mailing address in everyone of his videos, and will beg for cash for whatever toy he wants that particular week. In the screenshot below, he is asking for $800 so that he can replace his broken ipad.


This whole robbery tale is just another one of his scams, but involves HIM committing a crime by making another false police report.  George, I have all the latest Apple products, why would I want one of your outdated, grimey, feces infested devices?

George tell us how you really broke your ipad?

anthony george senda falkie the guy from pittsburgh breaks his ipad

Special Thanks to “Brig” and “Damon” of




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