“El Gringo De Pittsburgh”

el-gringo-blog-cover-photo002I was over at bellgab perusing The General Musings of Falkie2013 thread when I came across this gem of a post by user name “Here We Go Again”.

This guy/gal nails it on the head in describing George Anthony “Falkie” Senda AKA “The Guy From Pittsburgh.” Here’s his post:

*BREAKING NEWS (July 29, 2017): A sitcom named “El Gringo De Pittsburgh” is being pitched to Mexican television for possibly inclusion in the upcoming lineup, a source announced today.

“El Gringo De Pittsburgh” involves the pathetic life of an American deadbeat, one who is an abusive, delusional, lying, grifting YouTuber who thinks the world owes him a living. And launches almost insane, irrational attacks on anyone who tries to assist him.

“El Gringo De Pittsburgh,” of course, is a work of fiction and any similarities to any person — living or dead — is purely coincidental and should not be inferred, the source stated.

As the source describes, “El Gringo De Pittsburgh” is a character who takes himself seriously while everyone else thinks he is a parody. That’s the “hook” and appeal of the “work,” with “work” being something that “El Gringo De Pittsburgh” has stayed away from for the majority of his life.

“The audience will be treated to some clueless clown producing endless, meaningless videos,” the source continued. “Seeing the core of a person perhaps being full of hate for everyone and abusing anyone who dares to be around him. As he exists living in a filthy hovel under public housing, complaining and griping about everything and anything, calling every other person ‘incompetent or idiotic.’ But never looks at himself to seek the true answers to ‘who is what’ or what caused his own misery,” the source said.

As the source outlined, the lunacy continues as “El Gringo De Pittsburgh” slams every consumer item he buys receives as being “broken or defective” upon delivery, “mouthing off” and “giving hell” to any and all consumer-service reps of any such product or service company, then failing to report any “donated” income so he can receive even more public assistance.

All the while filing false police reports as some “victim” of the world’s tyranny that seems to target him and him alone, and not to mention his accusation of someone trying to kill his supposed “ulcerated self” off by cleverly having a Dominoes Jalapeno pizza paid for and delivered to his home, the source added. Hysterical!

Further, the source indicated, the “El Gringo De Pittsburgh” character will entertain Central American audiences further as he unjustly labels everyone online that dares see through him as a “hater or troll,” and basically being among the laughing stock of the American public. And that is being kind. The person is so “out of it” that he’s the only one that doesn’t see that. Pure comedy!

Insider notes: It is rumored that “Jorge Antonio Sencha” — the up-and-coming Mexican actor — himself may sign on for the lead role. As soon as he gains a few hundred extra pounds and lets himself go as badly as the character he would portray.

To also prepare for role, it is said Sencha will watch a “certain YouTube channel” to mimic the character, live neck deep in filth and refuse to clean up his home — making it ripe for being condemned under even the lowest of public-housing (Section Eight) standards, complain about everything — and generally act antisocial to everyone, just like his character, driving any sane, well-adjusted and caring person away.

A recent survey of several members of the Mexican entertainment press yielded these initial reviews of the project:

“La idea de ‘El Gringo de Pittsburgh’ es pura genialidad. Esto hará que los mexicanos piensen dos veces antes de ingresar ilegalmente a Estados Unidos. Porque pueden terminar viviendo junto a él.”
— Juan Navidad; National Entertainment Wire of Mexico.

“‘El Gringo De Pittsburgh’ podría estar entre las obras más grandes jamás hechas, cuenta la historia como debe y nos hace sentir mejor sobre nosotros mismos, en comparación con su propio yo.”
— Julio Contras, Mexican Television Today magazine.

“Qué grueso es ese ‘El Gringo de Pittsburgh’, es necesario contar su triste historia, porque nuestro país está en una situación desesperada y necesita una buena risa.”
— Rafael Ramirez Vargas; TMZ Mexico.

Stay tuned for future episode synopsis and proposed story-line treatments.

*(Note: The Entertainment Press Services International also contributed to this article. By the way, in case you haven’t caught on to this comedy sketch, this is obvious satire protected under the First Amendment) 

Source: Bellgab.com



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