Happy 2017!

Anthony George "Falkie" Senda The Guy From PittsburghHappy New Years! It looks like 2017 is starting off with a bang! The talented Chef Chemist has finally decided to enter the podcast arena with his highly anticipated podcast titled “Martinez Tonight”.  A podcast about the latest happenings of our favorite YouTube celebrity Anthony George “Falkie” Senda!  The first episode was launched this past friday with only a few hours notice and it was a HUGE success!!

Chefist breaks it down and goes after George Senda like a prosecutor goes after a guilty criminal in court!  Chefist makes a point by point analysis of the filthy Senda’s admissions with supporting audio clips.   Chefist describes the whole Senda fascination as “Honey Boo Boo crossed with Hoarders”. Bwaa hahaha!

The high point of the show was when YouTube star Jason Callan called into the show and gave his opinion about the filthy Senda! You gotta take a listen if you haven’t yet. The show was a success with quite a bit of folks in the chat room with only a few hours notice. I Look forward to co-producing more shows in the future.

Listen here  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/chefist/2016/12/31/martinez-tonight



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