Anthony George "Falkie" Senda The Guy From PittsburghWow George, it looks like you have been offered some good money to co-host a podcast with Chefist of Bellgab.com. Chefist just posted this at the The General Musings of Falkie2013 thread:

Anthony George "Falkie" Senda The Guy From Pittsburgh

Shortly after Chefist made the post, I contacted him to get more info. Chefist is interested in having a podcast and is looking for a co-host. He wanted someone with energy and who was interesting and who could keep a conversation going. So naturally, the first person he chose was the one and only George Senda.

Apparently Chefist has been interested in doing a podcast for sometime now and has received lots of feedback from people. They have all unanimously suggested George Senda as a co-host and so far have contributed a total of $75 to pay George’s per episode fee.  I just donated an additional $25 so it looks like George will be getting $100 per podcast episode if he decides to take Cheifst up on his offer.

Chefist also went on to say that George would NOT be subject to ANY abuse and that he would hang up on trolls and detractors IMMEDIATELY if they were to call and harass him. Chefist said he plans to interview lots of different people so George Senda would help in interviewing and creating a fun show to listen to.

This sounds like a great deal for George as he is being payed for his natural talent as a talker and overall interesting guy to shoot the shit with. He’s also being GUARANTEED safety and security by their being no detractors or trolls on the show, either as guests or as call ins. Will George take the generous offer? Only time will tell. Chefist can be contacted at bellgab.com or through email at chefist@gmail.com


Update: Along with more bellgab members contributing to Falkie’s growing pot of “appearance money”(thanks to bellgab forum members “Meatie Pie” and “Damon”) Chefist himself has decided to match all funds and donate to a charity for homeless kids.

Anthony George "Falkie" Senda The Guy From Pittsburgh

Falkie, obviosuly the choice is yours and only YOU will be responsible for not helping homeless children, but if you do decide to co-host, it sounds like you will have a lot of fun and Chefist is willing to bury the hatchet and start off new with no animosity.


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