The Feminization of George Senda

George "Falkie "Senda George "Falkie" Senda AKA The Guy from Pittsburgh

It looks like George”Falkie” Senda, AKA “The Guy From Pittsburgh” is not quite ready for fame and fortune. It seems that George doesn’t even have the BALLS to interact with the general public live on air.

One would think that George, having produced over 900 YouTube videos and having had countless interactions with celebrities and famous government officials, would be fully able to have a simple on-air conversation with a caller.

This past Saturday night’s 100th anniversary for End Of Days Radio proved that George is simply not built to be a celebrity.  George was finally able to call in and wish Daniel and Michael a happy 100th anniversary.

All was going well during the call, at which point Chefist from called in to wish the boys a celebratory 100th show as well. When Chefist tried to make small talk with George, George flipped out and hung up on him.

Many attempts were made to get George back on the air thinking that there was a technical difficulty. In the end, it turns out that George purposely hung up on Chefist and ended the call.

This sort of makes you wonder, is George ready for the BIG TIME?  Is he so intimidated and thin-skinned that he cannot deal with the general public?

How does he expect to be a big time celebrity and avoid the negative press and mobs of fans and haters that will stalk him day and night?

The sad part of all of this is that he blamed Michael and Daniel for the whole incident, saying that they planned to “sabotage”him.

George, with a few key strokes, thoroughly killed the friendship with the two hosts when he called them jerks, scum, trolls, assholes and slanderous liars.

Click to enlarge.

eodr-100th-002 eodr-100th-003

Below is Saturday night’s program. The incident occurs at around 2 hours and 14 minutes into the program.





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