George Senda Is Getting a Housekeeper!

the-maid011 That’s right, George “Falkie” Senda will soon be getting his own personal slave housekeeper.  All paid for by American taxpayers.  George “Falkie” Senda was able to con his way into getting his doctor to lie and say that he is unable to clean up after himself and thus needs a government funded housekeeper to clean up for him. falkie-quote-maid003 Furthermore, George “Falkie” Senda is saying that he damaged BOTH knees last December and also re-injured them a month ago and  is constantly screaming in pain every time he puts weight on his “injured” knees and ankles.  George Senda is now claiming to be an “injured, physically disabled” person who cannot do “basic tasks.” falkie-quote-maid004 Ok, so let us further examine these claims of  permanent “injury”, “excruciating pain with verbal distress (screaming) ” any time he puts weight on both damaged knees and ankles and being “physically disabled” and unable to do “basic tasks.”

April 24 -26th, 2015 .  For 3 days straight, George “Falkie” Senda ran around the New Living expo interviewing various new age quacks and charlatans, all the while pursuing an obscure radio personality in the hopes of getting an exclusive interview that would further his career as a Youtube celebrity. Here, the physically injured man who takes every step with excruciating pain and who is unable to do basic tasks like clean his own house, admits to “walking all over hell” the entire three day weekend:detractors-win-email002 Also notice in the video below, George Senda walks around the expo chatting it up with the various vendors and people in attendance. Notice that you do not hear him scream in pain as he puts all 420 lbs of his body weight on his “injured” knees and ankles and gallops around the expo.  Also notice how fast the physically “disabled” man is able to get around the expo.

May 14, 2015, George Senda can be seen playing at a children’s playground as he happily shoots video.  Again, notice that you hear no painful agonizing moans  as the “disabled” man puts all 420 lbs of his body weight on his “injured”knees and ankles and briskly walks around the playground.

August 1, 2015.  In this most recent video, you can see George strolling around the Watsonville Strawberry festival.  Again, notice how this “disabled” man, who is unable to do “basic tasks,” is able to walk around the festival seemingly with no pain.  I played this video multiple times and did not hear one yelp or painful cry as the man once again put all 420 lbs of his body weight on his “injured”knees and ankles.

Is George “Falkie” Senda really a physically disabled man who is in constant  pain when he walks and cannot do basic tasks for himself?  Is George Senda really unable to pick up after himself at home?  Should American tax payers be paying for this man to have a housekeeper?  More concerning to me is that George, with his history of physical and verbal abuse towards sweet Kathy, may also soon be abusing his new housekeeper.



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