George Senda Kicks Sweet Kathy to the Curb!


This is actually very sad. As many of you may or may not know, Sweet kathy and her beloved cat “Betty Boop” had to move out of their apartment of ten years due to major remodeling.  Sweet Kathy has been desperately looking for housing but has had no luck due to the shortage of Section 8 housing in the San Francisco Bay area.

So, the last few weeks she has been living with her boyfriend, George ‘Falkie” Senda. As any loving boyfriend would do, George has welcomed sweet Kathy into his home and sweet Kathy is welcome to stay as long as she needs to…

…So she thought.

George Senda really gave us a glimpse into his TRUE character yesterday when he stated in a post at the Musings thread that he is tired of Kathy and has asked her to go stay at a homeless shelter (local church) for a few days.


George Senda also uploaded a 15 minute video to Youtube explaining how sweet Kathy and her cat “Betty boop” are not allowing him to relax and be at peace in his own home.  After giving all the reasons why he does not want Kathy living with him, they both engage in an awkward rehearsed kiss.

During the video, George makes Sweet Kathy sheepishly explain all her faults and why she is an inconvenience to him.  The response to the video was huge as many people called George out for being an abusive selfish asshole for suggesting that his girlfriend go stay in a shelter.  Shortly there after, George Senda deleted the video from Youtube.

I can’t help but to feel badly for sweet Kathy. Being homeless and being told that she and her beloved cat “Betty Boop” are not wanted is pretty fucked up.  But then I would not expect anything less from George Senda.

Sweet Kathy
Sweet Kathy

Sweet Kathy, if you are reading this and you want to get away from George, please reach out to me or one of us at and I and many others will help you to escape the abusive demeaning relationship that you are in.  You don’t deserve to be treated like that.



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