Art Bell Gets Robbed…Again

falkie-burglar006Well guys, it looks like George “Falkie” Senda is still selling bootleg Art Bell merchandise. I exposed George Senda in a previous article for copyright infringement because he was selling Art Bell merchandise WITHOUT Art Bell’s permission. That article can be found here:

When George found out about my article, he lied again and claimed that Art Bell knew all about the merchandise and that he had Art Bell’s permission to sell it!!


I contacted someone from Art Bell’s camp and they said the following:


It’s really a shame that George Senda has no regards for Art Bell and continues to illegally profit off of Art Bell’s name and likeness.  I figured that once Senda was exposed the first time, that he would immediately stop selling the illegal merchandise. Unfortunately, George has NOT stopped.

Case in point, I was browsing Twitter the other day and saw that a loyal Art Bell fan had purchased one of the bootleg T-shirts from George Senda without knowing that they were illegally made and that all proceeds were going into George Senda’s bank account.

t-shirt-ripoff-art-bell001 George Senda has no shame and is profiting off the current Art Bell media blitz. All the while, George Senda has done NOTHING to promote Art Bell and his return to broadcasting on July 20th, 2015. Instead, he can be found at the musings thread praising the good deeds of his mentor George Noory, who also happens to be Art Bell’s archenemy.

Guys, let’s fight back and not let George Senda get away with ripping off Art Bell.  Please send a quick email to Mr.Bell and his staff and let them know of this injustice.

Art Bell can be reached at:

Keith Rowland, Art’s webmaster can be reached at:

Dr.J, Art’s producer, can be reached at:

For those who want AUTHENTIC Art Bell merchandise, You can check out all of Art Bell’s merchandise at:





One comment

  1. I got this doesn’t from a seller on EBay and I had HIS permission to use HIS Art Bell picture.
    It was NOT my design and the designer is in the U.K.
    At no time did I ever state that Art approved he design & for the record I have sold only 5 or 6 shirts & due to an error on the shirt site, it cost me more to pay for my own shirt than the commissions I earned from the sale of the shirts.
    I only received $ 2-4 for the commissions. It cost me over $30 for my own shirt.
    Art was sent pictures & an email about the shirt when I first published it on the t shirt site & did not object to it at the time or since.
    I have openly worn that shirt in numerous videos and at numerous events & always have been a loyal supporter of Art Bell.
    QUIT * LYING * about something you know nothing about.

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