He’s Back!

“Bart Ell”

For those of you who are new George Senda fans and not familiar with bellgab.com forum member Bart Ell, get ready for some FUN!

“Bart Ell”, the vicious “DigitalPigSnuggler” and a few others, including myself, had been banned from bellgab.com, and only recently were released from our cages and are now back on the site.

Bart Ell can be considered George Senda’s #1 “DETRACTOR”. To give a good analogy, Bart Ell is to George Senda what Kryptonite is to Superman.


The funny man “Bart Ell” is so feared by Mr.Senda that Senda promised to never post at bellgab again if “Bart Ell” were to return.


Well fat man, you’re worst nightmare just came true!!  Bart Ell is BACK!!!




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