Version 2.0 Just Released!

For those of you who enjoyed the original “I Love It When You Call Me Names” falkie video, version 2.0 has just been released! There is a new George Senda channel on Youtube and the extended version of the original video was just uploaded yesterday.

The extended version features an added clip of George Senda viciously attacking broadcast legend Art Bell and his co-host Redacted! Everyone should have a saved copy of this video on their hard drive to enjoy from time to time. My baby daughters, two of George’s biggest fans, just LOOVE the video!
UPDATE: Version 2.0 has been deleted from YouTube so I’m posting the original version. If anyone has access to the “redacted, Version 2.0” version, please let me know and I will link it up.

Thank You





    • Hello, I do not have that. Though someone over at the musings thread may know where to find it. If you do find it, feel free to post a link here or i can link it in an article.


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