George “Davebot” Senda Viciously Attacks Art Bell and Co-host Redacted!!

burning-bridges004Well Folks, it looks like Redacted’s role as Art Bell’s right hand female co-host has gotten George Senda MAD AS HELL!

George Senda calls Redacted a “crackhead” and says some pretty terrible things about the legendary Art Bell and feels the need to mention Art’s family. LOW BLOW dude.😠

UPDATE:  This afternoon, Art Bell commented on George Senda and his video:


Stay tuned as this story continues to develop.






  1. Senda has finally gone full off the rails. Absolutely pathetic. Not funny in any, way, shape or form. I have no idea what on God’s good earth he is attempting to do, besides making himself look very foolish!

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      • Yes, that’s what happens when you hire a snobby, stuck up ex stripper groupie that has no experience as a producer. She went from an unemployed poly drug abuser to a radio producer overnight. I Can’t really blame her I guess. Art Bell is to blame. But then again, Art Bell is not known to make the best decisions. Good riddance I say.


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