Is George Senda A “Davebot”?

Now that George “Falkie” Senda has joined forces with George Noory, many are saying that Senda is an enemy of Art Bell and is now a “Davebot”. For those not familiar with the term “Davebot”, “Davebot” refers to a person who is a full-fledged supporter of George Noory and opposes any and all who are against George Noory in any way shape or form.


George Senda is such a close supporter of Noory, both have decided to team up on a new upcoming television show. According to Senda, he will be financially compensated for his part in the show.  Senda has been supporting and defending George Noory on the musings thread and is admitting to now being a full supporter of the George Noory brand.


George Senda also claims to be a full supporter and backer of Art Bell, but many are questioning his sincerity. They claim that if Senda was a true supporter of Mr.Bell, then why would he associate himself with Bell’s archenemy, George Noory, and team up with him on a project?

I have tried contacting Mr.senda for his public statement on the matter, but I have received no response. Many in the world of Hardcore Art Bell fandom feel that Senda is a “Davebot” and is not true to the Art Bell brand and is essentially a fraud by pretending to support Mr.Bell while sucking up to George Noory.

I also recently received an inbox accusing George Senda of illegally profiting off of Art Bell’s popularity by selling bootleg Art Bell merchandise online. Senda’s website allegedly sells Art Bell themed merchandise ranging from coffee mugs to pillow cases to pet clothes, all bearing Art bell’s name and likeness. Senda also has sold a few Art Bell t-shirts according to a post made at the musings thread on May 31, 2015.


The web address to the “illegal” website is:


I have no idea whether or not George Senda is illegaly profiting off of Art Bells good name. For all I know, he and Mr.Bell may be in business together.




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