George Senda Goes to WAR with His Top Advisor!!!


Lots of mud slinging is currently taking place at The General Musings of Falkie2013 thread at

Senda’s top advisor and confidant, Area51drone, has now stated that he is at full out WAR with George “Falkie” Senda!


There seems to be a MAJOR rift between Area51drone and George Senda over the leaking of nude photos of Senda in very embarrasing and unflattering positions, all caught on film!!

Apparently George “Falkie” Senda has been involved in a “romantic relationship” with an anonymous “woman” over the internet for the past few months.

During the short correspondence, nude pictures were exchanged. It so happens to be that this “female” admirer of the brand is in fact NOT a woman but is in fact a MAN who has been “gaming” George Senda the whole time!


Area51drone, who intitially introduced “Sasha” to Senda, is now being blamed for the deception. George Senda contends that Area51drone was playing him the whole time and has coordinated this effort in order to humiliate him.

Without saying, SENDA IS PISSED!

Both parties have yet to admit publicly to the above as to why they are at WAR, and for now their beef is being diverted around the asshat doings of a rectum-licking, alcoholic “supporter” of the brand who frequently posts at the musings thread.

MORE Nude pics as this story breaks.

Stay tuned.




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