George Senda Now Accepting Donations Through the Mail


Due to the dismal amount of funds that the “Kathleen’s Eviction Fund” and George’s various paypal donation buttons have received, it looks like George Senda is looking at more conventional forms of fundraising…

In a recent Youtube video, George “Falkie” Senda showed a copy of a $240 personal check that legendary radio broadcaster George Noory had made out to him in his name.

While showing the check, Senda unabashedly also showed his physical mailing address and says (1:50):

 “i dont care if anybody knows where my post office box is, that’s not where i live”.

I’m not sure why Mr.Senda, with such gusto, felt the need to show his physical mailing address. Yes the personal check from George Noory I understand:


I asked Mr.Senda if he was again trying to manipulate his gawkers by revealing his personal address and if it was a publicity stunt to garner more donations.

He did not respond to that specific question, but he did respond to my inquiry of what his favorite foods were, as I was planning to send him a care pack of snacks/dried goods/fruits and durable canned entrees:


Most feel that Mr.Senda is desperate to receive donations since the “Kathy moving fund” , which was started 53 days ago, has only raised $5 out of the $3000 needed.

Regardless, whether you love the brand or not, please take a moment out of your busy day to send Mr.Senda something in the mail. Whether its a gift card to sprouts, walmart, lucky, safeway or bills and coins, anything would help.

Even a Hallmark card telling him how much you love/hate the brand and his efforts to spread it all over the world.

I’m sure he would appreciate your feedback.

All donations can be sent to:

 George “Falkie” Senda
815 Court Street
Unit 786
Martinez, Ca 94553-8929

We’ve all enjoyed the brand over the years. Please consider giving back and donating a few dollars to help sweet Kathy in her effort to find housing as she and her cat “Betty Boop” will soon be homeless, xoxo




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