More Allegations of Abuse….


Much talk has resurfaced about a video that was taken last year by George “Falkie” Senda.

Forum members at are up in arms over the first minute and a half of a video which allegedly shows George Senda being extremely abusive to sweet Kathy.

The incident starts at the 0:30 second mark. George is heard saying the following:

“Shhhh!!! Be quite!!!! I’m doing a video!! Would you stop with your swearing? G*D damn idiot!!  Stupid girlfriend!! G*D if I ever hit the lotto I’m getting rid of her and getting a new girlfriend and send her to Antartica!!”

I do appreciate everybody’s concerns, but It is my opinion that this particular “scene” was scripted ahead of time by sweet Kathy and George in order to create more publicity for the brand.

Furthermore, In George Senda’s defense, I have had the pleasure to speak with sweet Kathy and It seems to me like George treats her well. Why else would she still be with him after 30+ years if he was abusive?




One comment

  1. Great video of the fence! Like his you tube vids…he sits there just starring like we shouldn’t see him (?) while he plays meaningless sounds and clips for 3 whole minutes! It’s revelutionary cinema techniques!!!!!!! Cecile B. DeMille where are you??!!


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