BREAKING NEWS: Senda’s Detractors WIN BIG!!





It was NOT a good day for the #FALKIEARMY. It seems that when Falkie arrived at the expo (with his glasses taped to his face) to interview George Noory, Noory was “NOWHERE” to be be found!

Not only that, but earlier in the day Falkie tried desperately to email George Noory but Noory blocked all incoming emails!

A post at by George Noory (post shown above) claims that Senda did not show up to the expo and that Senda sent him an email stating all the reasons why he could NOT make it to the interview!

The whole damn weekend was a waste!

After driving 120 miles per day round trip, for 3 days in a row all with NO videotaped interview to show for it! 😥

This interview was going to launch Falkie’s career into the F#CK!NG stratosphere!




Falkie photo: “Who”

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