What Exactly Are We Looking at Here?


Most would say that when you look at this picture, you can clearly see the De-evolution of paranormal talk radio. Others disagree and say that we are looking at the FUTURE of paranormal talk radio.

It all started with the legendary Art Bell. Then Mr.Bell passed the torch to George Noory and now it looks like Noory may be planning to pass the torch to George “Falkie” Senda.

Many people have said that Noory has a soft spot for the underdog and has decided to take Senda under his wings and eventually incorporate him into the Coast to Coast AM host line up.

Once given the chance, it’s up to Senda to rise to the top and claim the crown.
If I was a betting man, I’d say that within the next 18 months, George Senda will be a regular on Coast to Coast AM in some form or another.

photo:  “Open Lines Gerry” from bellgab.com





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