Will Falkie ROCK the Bell or Not?


There’s been lot’s of discussion and anticipation of George Senda’s upcoming videotaped interview of Legendary radio talk show host George Noory.  I had a chance to speak with George Senda this afternoon and he told me that he still has not decided on whether to wear an Art Bell shirt to the interview.

As most readers know, George Noory and Art Bell are not on the friendliest of terms. That being the case, many have advised Falkie to NOT wear the t-shirt to the interview so as to not insult George Noory and ruin Falkies chances of getting any work in the industry under the tutelage of Mr.Noory.

I had initially stated that falkie should NOT rock an Art Bell shirt to the interview. But I have since changed my opinion on the matter.

I now say:


Let’s not forget, without the mighty Art Bell, Noory would NOT be the success that he is today.  Besides, if falkie does rock the Art Bell t-shirt to the Noory interview, you cant help but to respect him for having the prinicpal and integrity to stay true to Mr.Bell’s legacy.

At the same time, how can Noory not respect falkie for going out on a limb and proudly representing Mr.Bell?

But, if Falkie does NOT decide to wear the shirt, what does that say about his convictions and principals? I guess we’ll find out soon. Stay tuned..




One comment

  1. Falkie just cleaned up the corner of his bedroom and found a secret stash of brand new clothing which he can wear to the event or in his videos. Clothing was still sealed in the packages. The Falkenator has secret stashes in his apartment so he can be ready for ANY contingency including Bellgab troll attack.
    The Avenger has his secret sources and knows all …

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