A Serious Accusation of Animal Cruelty Coming From One of Bellgab.com’s Most Prominent Forum Members.



“Onan”,  a highly respected forum member from bellgab.com has stated that George Senda may have been involved in a horrific case of animal cruelty.

“Onan” went on to post:

“I read that he did injure a cat by either stepping or sitting on it. I think it was a scam to bilk others for money. Just as he started to in this thread several pages back. I reiterate if someone asks for donations for an injured animal in another state, rather donate to a local shelter. Because all the money will go to the aid of the animal, unlike in falkie’s case where 90% 100% will go to buying junk food. “

I have contacted Mr.Senda and I am awaiting his official response.




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