Is George Noory “Gaming” Falkie??


This past week, people have been telling George Senda that Noory’s promises to have him on his television show are simply not true.  Everyone is saying that Noory is “gaming” Senda and just messing with his head and in fact there will be NO television show.

(sigh) Sooo, George Senda decided to email George Noory and ask him if in fact he was being “gamed”. ROFLMAO!! (actual email above)

I personally do not think Noory is messing with Senda’s head. I feel Noory is being completely sincere in his promises to Senda but I guess the bellgabbers have deeply penetrated Mr. Senda’s psyche and caused him to question Noory’s true motives!! LOL

Falkie, it’s true, you are being hired to work for Noory. You’ve made it to the BIG league and you are now playing with the BIG BOYS!! Don’t mess this up and make sure to play well with others on your way to the top.  Do a good job and you may be taking over Noory’s spot one day.




One comment

  1. I have requested the creator of this website to remove this post and any future anti George Noory posts or one’s that would endanger what I am doing on the web or elsewhere. I find the picture beyond offensive and it exceeds the bounds of poor taste and I am VERY angry over it ! I would hate to have to resort to do a video on this disassociating myself from any content on here. I was NOT responsible for this nor for any of the content on this site.

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